The Onedin Line (by Cyril Abraham)

This isn't really my kind of book; I knew nothing about Cyril Abraham, and had never watched the TV series - although I had heard of it. But it was sitting on my shelf, and every so often I like to branch out into a different genre of novel.

'The Onedin Line' is, unsurprisingly, about the Onedin family. Robert Onedin inherits his father's shop as the story opens. His brother James wants to buy a boat; their sister Elizabeth hankers after riches and love.

Apparently this is just the first book of a series. I thought there was rather too much business and shipping discussion, and wasn't inspired to read any more - however I did find it interesting in places, and kept reading to the end. Recommended if you're interested in the topic.

The book is now well out of print, but the television series, made in the 1970s, is now available on DVD.

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