Vote of Intolerance (by Josh McDowell and Ed Stewart)

I heard Josh McDowell speak once or twice, many years ago. He seemed to be a good speaker, although I had a hard time understanding his strong American accent. I also read one of his Christian non-fiction books, and thought it good. But I had no idea he had written fiction until I came across this on the MV Doulos.

As for his co-author, Ed Stewart, I have no idea which of the many Ed Stewarts online might be the right one. If anyone comes across this review and knows of a site referring to the correct one, please do let me know in the comments and I will put in a link.

'Vote of Intolerance' begins with the teenager Shawna, who is involved with some 'friends' who are very bad influences on her, following the death of her older brother and the divorce of her parents.

Stevie, her mother, decides to move to North California. A conservative Christian is trying to become Governor of the State, and wants to introduce strict Judaeo-Christian laws in California. Stevie becomes involved in the campaign, and gets to know the Governor-elect's son Wes, a shy and unhappy young man.

Meanwhile, Shawna makes some new friends who seem pleasant at first, but are involved with the dark side of New Age practices.

An exciting novel, with believable people and a much more positive and realistic message than might have been expected.

The ending is rather predictable, with too many ends neatly tied, but overall I was impressed.

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