Nemesis (by Agatha Christie)

On the whole, I enjoy Agatha Christie's crime fiction novels. They're light, without too much gore; they're very cleverly plotted, and they often leave me guessing right until the last chapter.

However, I was not impressed by 'Nemesis'.

Miss Marple is asked by letter to solve a mystery (or right a wrong) for a friend who has died. Gradually she manages to find clues, and discovers what she is supposed to do.

Unfortunately, the plot is repetitive, with lengthy monologues, as everything discovered up to that point is explained again and again. The 'clues' are very obvious, and the idea of Miss Marple as 'Nemesis' was mildly amusing rather than chilling.

All in all, the dullest Agatha Christie book I have ever read. Had this been the first of her books I came across, I probably would never have bothered with others.

Really not recommended, although it seems to be highly rated by some other readers.

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