Why Shoot a Butler? (by Georgette Heyer)

Despite having thoroughly enjoyed Georgette Heyer's light historical romance novels for many years, it's only recently that I discovered that she also wrote some crime fiction - nowhere near as many, and not so easy to find in second-hand shops.

But I found a few of them a couple of months ago. I read 'Envious Casca' and thought it excellent. A bit like Agatha Christie, not as brilliantly plotted, but with far better characterisation.

So, wanting something to read aloud to my teenage sons, I decided to embark on another Heyer crime novel.

'Why shoot a butler?' begins, not surprisingly, with a butler who is shot on a lonely road, late at night.

The plot is perhaps not very original, but the characters were delightful. we particularly appreciated the dry Mr Amberley who sets out to investigate the crime.

It was cleverly written, and kept us guessing until the end. Recommended.

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