Envious Casca (by Georgette Heyer)

I have been reading and thoroughly enjoying Georgette Heyer's historical romance novels since my late teens. It was only recently, however, that I realised that she also wrote some crime fiction books, a little in the style of Agatha Christie. I came across a few of them second-hand, and thought I'd try them out.

'Envious Casca' is about an ill-assorted family who meet for Christmas festivities, only to find one of their number murdered.

Yes, the plot is very Christie-like, but I enjoyed it more because the characters were much more three-dimensional. There was also a thread of ironic humour, something I always enjoy in Heyer's novels.

The plot wasn't as cleverly crafted as an Agatha Christie, and although the ending wasn't entirely predictable, I had a fair idea of what was going on. Still, it was very well written and I was most encouraged to find another source of good Georgette Heyer books to read!

Definitely recommended. Not always in print, but often available second-hand.

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