A Week in Winter (by Marcia Willett)

I've been enjoying various of Marcia Willett's books, so was very pleased to receive her latest one for Christmas.

I was even more pleased to find that 'A Week in Winter' was an absolutely wonderful book. Exactly the kind of novel I enjoy the most.

The story features Maudie, who wants to sell a farmhouse that she owns. It's being renovated by Rob. Maudie's step-granddaughter Posy is very close to Maudie, despite her mother's resentment about the relationship.

Posy meets, in passing, a girl called Melissa, who visits the farmhouse and meets Rob.

And gradually, the cast are woven together skilfully and realistically.

Sadness strikes, and there are some highly emotional tear-jerking scenes, beautifully and sympathetically done, as well as a great deal of hope for the future as the book ends.

An excellent family saga, one I shall rank as an all-time favourite, and will no doubt re-read every few years. Highly recommended.

(You can also read my longer review of 'A Week in Winter', written nearly seven years later after re-reading)

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