We think the world of him (by Adrian Mourby)

Most of the fiction books I read are by female authors, so it was quite a surprise to find a novel intended for the women's market that was written by a man. I had never before heard of Adrian Mourby; it seems that he hasn't written much else anyway. But the blurb on the back of this book sounded very interesting.

It's written, sensibly, from a male point of view. Duncan is the main protagonist; he becomes a 'house-husband' after being made redundant. He agrees to take over the household chores and cooking, and look after the children fully, while is wife returns to full-time employment.

Duncan throws himself into his new role, and finds to his surprise that he quite enjoys it. Naturally he meets several mothers at the school gates, and they all befriend him, anxious to help whenever they can. He also meets an attractive but not so nice businesswoman.

As Adrian gets used to his new role, and the new emotions connected with it, he succumbs to a temptation which nearly destroys his marriage, before realising what is truly important to him.

I thought this book was very believable, with warm characters and a good mixture of people. It was fast-paced and very readable - and the ending was encouraging. Definitely recommended, although it now seems to be out of print.

I shall be looking out for more books by Adrian Mourby, if I can find them.

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