Stardust (by Charlotte Bingham)

I'm rather in two minds about Charlotte Bingham's writing. I have really enjoyed some of her books, but find others trite and rather dull. Still, I often find her novels available inexpensively at second-hand shops, so I keep buying them, and enjoy the ones that do suit my tastes.

'Stardust' features the beautiful and selfish Elizabeth, and the very handsome Jerome. Both are superb actors.

Elizabeth wants Jerome, but he loves - and marries - Pippa. Elizabeth does what she can to come between them and, predictably, eventually succeeds.

On the whole I thought this was an exciting novel, set as it was in the drama/film world. It seemed authentic, and although the main characters were slightly caricatured, I could believe in them and found myself caring about them.

Well-written and fast-paced, with a satisfactory conclusion all round - much to my relief. Recommended.

Not currently in print in either the UK or USA, but often found second-hand, including online.

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