Moving On (by Alexandra Raife)

I do like Alexandra Raife's books, and am sorry to see that they seem to go out of print within a year or two of publication. They're nostalgic, character-driven sagas that I think would be enjoyed by a lot of people in times to come. I'm just glad that I manage to collect them fairly soon after they are published - although they are usually available second-hand.

'Moving On' is a sort of sequel to some of Alexandra Raife's previous books, although it's not necessary to have read any of them before this.

Catriona's dog has died, and Helen decides to leave her husband Walter. Helen moves in with her son and his family, and Catriona goes to college.

Eventually, Helen buys an old, run-down cottage, which she rents to Catriona.

It doesn't sound all that exciting, but the characters are delightful and realistic, in a gently-moving pot that is nonetheless interesting, even compulsive reading at times, as Catriona eventually finds that it may be possible to be loved.

I liked this book. It feels as if the author is becoming more confident, and I was glad to see that it was less explicit than some of her previous novels.

Enjoyable. Highly recommended.

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