Friday's Child (by Georgette Heyer)

How I enjoy Georgette Heyer's historical novels! I have a large collection which I re-read periodically. There's nothing like relaxing with a Heyer book on a cold afternoon, or after reading a particularly frustrating or depressing book by someone else.

For the last couple of days, it's been the turn of 'Friday's Child' which I've read two or three times before, and remember with great affection.

The story opens when a young man, known to his friends as Sherry, proposes marriage to the beautiful (albeit rather cold) Isabella. To his dismay, she turns him down. In a fit of exaggerated anger, he declares that he will marry the first female he meets.

This turns out to be Hero, his childhood friend, who has nursed a secret adoration for him for many years. Moreover, she is an orphan who is about to become a governess, and - being quite shy - is dreading it.

Sherry has no idea that she's always loved him, but realises that he can rescue her from her predicament if he does what he declared in pique that he would do - so he and Hero get married. They embark on married life light-heartedly, with little idea what it involves, and both find that they have to grow up and take responsibility a little more rapidly than they would have liked.

Delightful characters, fast-moving plot, and the required happy ending. Highly recommended. Still in print in the UK, as well as being widely available in charity shops.

(I have now written a longer review of 'Friday's Child' on re-reading nearly six years later in 2008)

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