Change of Heart (by Charlotte Bingham)

Charlotte Bingham is quite a prolific writer, in a variety of genres within the broad women's fiction category. I have very much enjoyed some of her books, but not all of them. I tend only to buy them second-hand, since I'm never entirely sure what to expect.

'Change of Heart' is about Freddie, who is on a rest cure in the UK. He falls in love with Fleur, who turns out to have been a child prodigy violinist.

I thought the book was well-written and interesting, with some believable characters and a few quite moving sections. However, there was a rather odd ending which confused me, leaving me wondering how much of the story was supposed to have been 'real'. I found that disappointing, so although I enjoyed most of the book I doubt if I'll read it again.

Not currently in print in either the UK or USA.

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Anonymous said...

Hi sue! I hv just finished reading the book and honestly couldn't put it down. Like you, I am confused by the ending. What was it all about?! Was it all a dream? Or a prelude to a dream? What is this change of heart all about? Are you any wiser?