Nowhere Girl (by Angela Huth)

I hadn't heard of Angela Huth before I picked up a couple of her books in a sale. The backs of them sounded reasonably interesting, and I like discovering new writers.

'Nowhere Girl' is about Clare, who is temporarily estranged from her second husband. She attends the funeral of her (late) first husband, then meets the unpredictable Joshua, for whom she forms a sudden attraction.

Clare and Joshua move in together and start an affair, leaving entirely open the question of whether or not she will ever return to her husband when their trial separation has ended. In the meantime, Clare and Joshua befriend the eccentric and elderly Mrs Fox, who becomes an important part of their lives.

Quite an interesting book, but I found the ending rather depressing, which inevitably clouds my overall judgement of it. I don't think I'll be reading it again.

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