Summer Secrets (by Jean Stubbs)

This is another book I picked up at a charity shop, based on the blurb on the back and the attractive cover. I had not previously come across the author, Jean Stubbs.

'Summer Secrets' opens, as so many novels seem to, with a funeral. Marina is mourning her eight-year-old daughter Sarah. But Sarah had a twin, Joshua, who - up till now - has always been 'difficult', and rather in his sister's shadow.

Marina decides to go for a long holiday with Joshua, in an isolated cottage, to begin to recover together from Sarah's death. Joshua quickly makes friends with a family nearby, and Marina finds herself drawn in, healing slowly, and also making some friends.

An attempted weekend in London with her husband leads to a shocking revelation, and a new life with many changes.

Marina's growing relationship with her son makes a powerful thread to the book, which I thought ended hopefully. Enjoyable, on the whole.

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