Laurie and Claire (by Kathleen Rowntree)

I only discovered Kathleen Rowntree recently - and she doesn't seem to have any websites giving her biography - but I'm already impressed with her as a writer. Each of the novels I've read so far by this author has been completely different.

'Laurie and Claire' is my favourite of her books so far. It's about two people called - unsurprisingly - Laurie and Claire, who grow up almost as if they were brother and sister, in the strange atmosphere of a thriving music community.

Claire realises at a young age that she is not at all musical, is thus both a disappointment to her parents and a misfit amongst the people she knows. Laurie is always her champion, and gradually she falls in love with him.

The novel follows their lives, new discoveries they make about each other, and forays into adult life. Their unusual relationship is explored fully, seeing it remain strong despite traumas and problems.

I found this book thought-provoking, and very enjoyable. Highly recommended.

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