Yesterday came Suddenly (by Maynah Lewis)

Maynah Lewis is a writer I had never heard of, and I can't find mention of her online either, other than as the author of some second-hand books.

I don't remember where I picked up 'Yesterday came suddenly'- probably at a jumble sale or thrift shop. It looked interesting, but sat on my shelves for ages before I finally decided to read it.

Edward, who is engaged to Felicity in this book, is rich, handsome, and highly successful as a lawyer, even making TV appearances from time to time. Suddenly an old girlfriend comes back into his life in desperate circumstances, and he decides to help her.

Rather foolishly, he hides this from Felicity, and has to make some decisions about what he really wants in life.

I thought it a rather simplistic plot, but it made a pleasant enough light read.

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