Bagthorpes Unlimited (by Helen Cresswell)

Every so often I pick up a children's book for a very light read with no emotion or deep thought necessary. One of the Bagthorpe Saga books by Helen Cresswell is usually a good choice. There are about nine of the series, featuring a crazy (but, almost believable) family where several of the children are very talented - or think themselves so.

'Bagthorpes Unlimited' is about a few crazy days in the Bagthorpe household. A family reunion is planned, with their supposedly saintly cousins. Then all the family decide they would like to be famous, in various ways...

Although it stands alone, it's rather easier to understand if you've read some of the previous books in the series, as they're quite similar.

Enjoyable, in a light-kiddie-read kind of way.

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