Stress Family Robinson II (The Birthday Party) by Adrian Plass

Light novel by Adrian Plass, sequel to 'Stress Family Robinson'.

This story is written from the point of view of Kathy Robinson, mother of four, in the week up to and including her fiftieth birthday party.

It involves the same enjoyable larger-than-life characters who were introduced in the first Robinson book, with their down to earth approach to the Christian life.

A few moments of humour, and some of sadness. Rather an unexpected sub-plot too, as the Robinsons' friend Dip reveals a forty-year-old secret out of the blue, and begins to find healing.

Lovely book, probably best read as a sequel but complete in itself all the same. Recommended.

You can also read my longer review of 'Stress Family Robinson II: The Birthday Party', written after re-reading ten years later.

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