Brave New World (by Aldous Huxley)

This novel is classic science fiction by the early 20th century writer Aldous Huxley in the genre now known as 'dystopian'. It's one I felt I 'ought' to read, although I put it off; it's not comfortable bedtime reading.

'Brave New World' describes a world five hundred years in the future, where all babies are born in test-tubes, people are completely conditioned to various careers, and free thinking is strongly discouraged.

However a few people feel that there must be more to life than structured work, scheduled play and the 'soma' tablets that remove all unpleasant emotions. John, a 'savage' from a so-called uncivilised part of the world, is brought into London where he eventually sees it for what it is.

Some satirical humour and a shocking ending. Definitely worth reading once.

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