Interesting Times (by Terry Pratchett)

Terry Pratchett books are always good, with a strange blend of humour, realism and fantasy. He somehow spotlights oddities in everyday life with his spoofs and irony, and usually throws in some unexpected and very funny one-liners.

'Interesting Times' features Rincewind the not-very-competant 'wizzard', who is sent to another country. This country is the Discworld equivalent of something like a cross between China and Russia. He arrives to find that a revolution is underway.

Rincewind teams up with the ancient but invincible barbarians, and befriends the 'Red Army'. A series of unlikely and amusing events follow.

Pretty good, if not one of my favourites, and it works well to read aloud. Just so long as you remember that there are no chapters in most of Pratchett's books, so don't agree to read 'to the end of the next chapter...'

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