Home Educating with Confidence (by Rick and Marilyn Boyer)

Fairly new to home education, I was eager to read as many accounts as I could. This one is an American book, but home education ('homeschooling') has been popular there for rather longer than it has in the UK, and I thought the reviews and also the title ('Home Educating with Confidence') sounded impressive.

It's written by Rick Boyer, who is an American father of twelve. He shares his views on learning and education in this book.

There are some good sections: for instance, he makes it clear that education is not the same as 'schooling', and he also talks at length about the importance of motivation, and following the children's interests.

However, there are also some strange (and sometimes irrelevant) biases in the book, such as a strong objection to Christian rock music, and the television.

In conclusion, there's nothing in this that can't be found elsewhere, and the American (and bizarre) slant makes it less than helpful, on the whole, to British home educators. It was quite interesting to read, but I wouldn't particularly recommend it. 

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