Airs and Graces (by Erica James)

I hadn't come across Erica James before, but my husband saw some of her books and thought they were my kind of thing, so he gave me a couple for Christmas. I am delighted to have discovered a new author of warm, character-driven stories!

'Airs and Graces' is about a woman called Ellen. She lives alone since her husband deserted her, and has pleasant weekly chats with her friend Hermione.

Then Jo-jo, a pregnant teenager, runs away and enters her life. She considers marrying Duncan, her divorce lawyer, and meets Matthew, Hermione's godson.

The book is fast-moving and enjoyable with sympathetic, believable characters. 

Recommended if you enjoy light modern women's fiction.

(You can read a longer review of Airs and Graces here, written after I re-read this book eight and a half years later)

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