Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great (by Judy Blume)

One light children's fiction book wasn't enough after a busy Christmas, so I picked up another - one I hadn't previously read. I had read some children's books by Judy Blume, an American writer, when my sons were younger - 'Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing', for instance, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and its two sequels.

'Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great' is also a kind of sequel to these books, but it focuses on a girl called Sheila rather than the boys of the other stories. It felt as if it was meant for a slightly older audience, too, perhaps 10-14 in age. Sheila goes away for the summer, and during this time learns a great deal about herself and her feelings, and starts to overcome her fears.

I didn't like it as much as the author's more amusing books for younger children, but it passed the time.

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