The Road to Revelation (by Norah Lofts)

'The Road to Revelation' is an American historical novel by Norah Lofts.

It's another book which I started, after picking it up second-hand, but couldn't face finishing.

Several wagon parties start on a new trail across the USA. Hardship is obviously going to be the result.

After reading the first chapter or so, I read the last, which was full of death and destruction with only a tiny grain of hope. It was far too depressing for me to want to read the rest of the book.

Not recommended. 

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Tyger said...

Hi Sue,

I read Road to Revelation only once and found it very disturbing. But I did read it all the way through and, being a fan of Norah Lofts, I know the author would have researched her subject thoroughly before she even attempted the first line and would guess that it is a sclose as you could come to a description of life for the first settlers in America. I don't know I would ever want to read it again, it left a lasting impression on me, but I do think that it should be read more, even just as a text book.