What Happens when Women Pray? (by Evelyn Christensen)

'What Happens when Women Pray?' is the kind of book title that rather puts me off. Why, I ask myself, is women's praying any different from men's?

But someone gave me this book by Evelyn Christensen, and I finally decided to read it. It turned out to be very refreshing, not a heavy book but full of ideas and inspiration. The author gives lots of anecdotes about prayer, including her own failures at times, and shares with the readers the simple power of praying. She demonstrates how sin or unforgiveness can close the 'channels' to God, and challenges people to pray simply, and in faith.

Appropriate for men as well as women - it's just that the examples given are about women praying.

Note: you can also read my longer review of 'What happens when women pray?', written after re-reading in 2013. 

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Anonymous said...

Just so you know, Evelyn Christensen spoke about prayer at my church once many years ago. She told us that this is not the title she had written. The publishers changed the title of her book. They asserted that most book buyers are women and this title would better appeal to women. If I remember correctly, Evelyn's title was "What Happens When We Pray?"