Waking Up (by Ted Dekker)

I haven’t read any of Ted Dekker’s fiction, as my family have told me that they’re very tense and, in places, too violent and scary for my tastes. However we knew him vaguely, twenty-five or so years ago, before he became a writer, and I was interested to spot a free electronic download offering a short biographical booklet he had written.

The title when I downloaded it was, 'Waking up: how I found my faith by losing it, but it's now entitled, ‘Waking up: to who you really are’. That's a more accurate title, since the author doesn't really lose his faith as such - just starts to ask a lot of questions.

The booklet is an honest reflection on the author’s life, delving into his past when he was sent to boarding school at the age of six - something I have read or heard about many times. He felt abandoned by his parents, though he doesn’t blame them in any way, and his experiences were, at times, horrendous.

Most of the booklet looks at his struggles with his faith as an adult, even after he had become a well-known writer. He explores reasons why he often uses dark themes, and mentions some of the books that he’s written which relate to his more recent journey, from skepticism and confusion through to a new and more positive life following Jesus, no matter what happens around him.

The teaching, such as it is, isn’t new, but the writing is excellent, and many of the anecdotes or ideas were quite thought-provoking. Definitely worth reading by anyone who has enjoyed Dekker’s books, or who is interested in the background to some of his books; those without faith, or with a different kind of faith, may find the Christian element a bit too strong, but I didn’t think it was pushy at all - and it’s one person’s experiences, with a positive outcome.

If nothing else, it’s inspired me to think about reading one or two of the author’s more recent books, including the ones he mentions in this booklet.

Only available in Kindle form, as far as I know.

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