Helpless (by Rosie Lewis)

When browsing the Kindle store recently, I was recommended this book - unusually, as it was free. It was clear from the blurb that it was a very short biographical piece, so I downloaded it out of curiosity. I don't think I've read anything by Rosie Lewis before.

'Helpless' is a very short e-book. It turns out to be a moving account of the author's job as a foster parent, starting with the emergency call-out to collect Sarah, the newborn baby of a drug addict. The baby is going through withdrawal, and can't sleep at first, so it's a demanding and exhausting job helping her through her first few weeks.

I read this book in just one sitting, partly because it was so short and partly because it was extremely interesting. It gave an amazing insight into the life of a foster carer, with the highs and lows, written from a personal and (at times) quite emotive viewpoint.

Recommended if you can find it free. It's currently showing at less than a pound on Amazon UK, but I don't think I would have been willing to pay anything for it, as it's so brief.

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