21 Days of Faith Challenge (by Shelley Hitz)

I had never heard of Shelley Hitz. Apparently she's a young and entrepreneurial writer in the US who self-publishes a large number of inspirational and devotional books.

I came across this book, which was free for my Kindle, a few months ago and have read it over the past month or so. '21 days of faith challenge' consists of twenty-one short chapters, theoretically to be read one per day, on the subject of faith, from a Christian perspective. It actually took me about a month to complete as I didn't get to it daily.

I thought that it was quite interesting in places, nicely structured and clearly written, although each section was really very brief. It didn't contain anything particularly new or inspiring, but was gently encouraging and - on occasion - thought-provoking.

There are quotations from the Bible as well as descriptions of the author's personal struggle with issues of faith over the years, and brief challenges to ponder.

I was supposed to keep a record of my journey, but although I liked the idea at first, I didn't really find that there was much of a journey. It was light and friendly, but not in fact very challenging, although overall I enjoyed reading it. The end of the book has an introduction to a '21 days of gratitude challenge', but I didn't download that one... although I might at some point.

I would recommend this book in a low-key way to anyone wanting a boost to their faith, or even a fresh look at what it means to have faith in God. It's no longer free, but still very inexpensive in Kindle form. It is also available as a paperback in the US.

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