Prodigal (by Paul O'Rear)

I had never heard of Paul O’Rear - however, from time to time I browse the ‘free’ section of the Kindle store, and pick up a selection of Christian books on special offer. Paul O’Rear is apparently a prolific blogger as well as having written some e-books, and evidently has a good sense of humour too.

This book, just called ‘Prodigal’, basically looks at the well-known parable of the Prodigal Son from three distinct viewpoints: the father, the son, and the elder brother. It’s not a new device, and I can’t say I learned anything that I had not heard or read before - but it was nicely put together, and very well written.

It’s a surprisingly short book - apparently 29 pages in all, and I read it in just one sitting. Very readable, and as a freebie I’m glad to have read it. I would have been felt rather cheated, however, if I had paid for this since it’s really just a short booklet rather than a full book.

Only available in Kindle form - if you can find it free, I’d recommend it.

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