The Jesus Revolution (by Leith Anderson)

I had never heard of Leith Anderson. Apparently he is the president of the US Association of Evangelicals, and was previously a senior pastor. He's written some other books in addition to this one.

I came across 'The Jesus Revolution' when it was available free for the Kindle some time ago. Browsing through my extensive collection of Kindle books, while away from home, this looked like a good one to read in quiet moments each morning. It's essentially a set of studies on the Biblical book of Acts, so it worked well to read one section per day.

The studies give an overview of each chapter, with some interesting historical context, and also some application for today. It took me a few weeks to get through it all, not because it was difficult to read, but because time was limited and I didn't always remember to get to it.

I can't say that I found anything really new or inspiring in the book, but sometimes it's useful to have overview reminders of something familiar. The writing is good, the style quite easy to read, and there are some interesting sections, particularly those looking at the background. There are some useful reminders, too, about the excitement that prevailed in the early Church: something which we've rather lost today. Some of it seemed quite thought-provoking when I read it, although I didn't really think about it much through the day, and a couple of weeks later I don't recall anything specific that I read.

Still, overall I thought that it was worth reading; recommended in a low-key kind of way if you're interested in an overview of the book of Acts, but don't expect anything revelatory. Links are to paperback editions of this book, and the Kindle versions are no longer free. I would not have wanted to pay full price.

Perhaps I should re-read it some day when I have more time to think.

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