Prune your Life to Bloom (by Roselyn Brown)

I had not heard of Roselyn Brown. I can't find any record of her online, so I don't know anything about her. I only came across her book when browsing the UK Kindle store on Amazon, collecting a few that were on special offer.

'Prune your life to bloom' was available free. Always interested in this kind of self-help book, I downloaded it and forgot about it until recently when it caught my eye in the midst of my large quantity of unread Kindle books.

It's not a long book, but it's nicely laid out. It describes minimalist living, including how to determine what is clutter, both from a practical/material point of view, and also from the emotional perspective. It talks about getting rid of unessentials from our house, with a checklist of how to tell if something is clutter or not, and it also explains the importance of getting rid of emotional 'baggage' from the past.

I didn't find anything new or inspiring in this book, but that's partly because I've read so many other books and sites on the topic of clutter, and family life in general. It doesn't tell readers how to get rid of individual pieces of clutter, or even what the author considers clutter herself: instead, it recommends each person work that out for themselves.

I was impressed by the organisation and structure of this e-book, which I thought would give a useful overview for anyone to whom these are new ideas. It's a little sad that I was also the impressed by the lack of typos: rather unusual, these days, in self-published e-books.

It's not a bad book at all, although probably not something I would want to have paid for. Ideal as a quick read for for anyone wanting to understand why clutter of all kinds can be a problem, and how to get started on releasing some of it.

Unfortunately it no longer seems to be available at Amazon UK, and I am unable to link to the Amazon US version, so no links in this post.

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