Rain Song (by Alice J Wisler)

I had never heard of Alice J Wisler, but in browsing through the 'free for Kindle' books on Amazon, I spotted her novel. It was evidently a light Christian romance of some kind, set in the USA. Just the thing, I thought, for a plane journey.

So I started reading 'Rain Song" shortly before a flight, and finished it while flying. It was a pleasant light read, narrated, mostly in the present tense, by Nicole. She is a young unmarried woman who is part of a nicely eccentric and loving extended family. We meet most of them in the first chapter discussing a family reunion, and quickly learn that Nicole has some deep-seated phobias about flying. She's quite a stressed person although she usually manages to hide it, and as the book progresses we learn why.

There is not a great deal of plot in this book; it is primarily character-based, with a good picture of life in small town USA. While many of the family members are caricatured, I found Nicole herself to be a likeable and believable person. I identified with her in some of her struggles, and was particularly moved by her growing relationship with her five-year-old relative Monet - a small girl with lots of energy who has family tensions of her own.

The Christian element of the book is low-key, not at all preachy; there's some humour, and plenty of references to food. My only slight disappointment was that the ending came so abruptly without really resolving anything. Still, overall I enjoyed the book which did, indeed, make a good choice for a fairly dull flight.

Note that Amazon links are to the paperback version of this book, although it now seems to be out of print. The Kindle version is no longer free.

Review copyright Sue's Book Reviews, 3rd November 2011

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