Calm my Anxious Heart (by Linda Dillow)

Linda Dillow is another author whom I would probably never have come across, had this book not been available free (for a while) for the Kindle.

'Calm my Anxious Heart' has at its premise that most women worry a great deal, and expend far too much energy on anxiety - about their loved ones, their futures, their health, and so on. And, for those who do worry a lot, it has plenty of calming advice about meditating on Scripture, and trusting God. Nothing new, but the style is good, and there are plenty of interesting anecdotes: some from the author's own experience, and some is that of various of her friends. She has travelled fairly extensively and it makes for interesting stories.

However, just a couple of days after finishing it, I don't recall anything mind-blowing or even inspirational about the book - just that, overall, I enjoyed reading it and liked the style. I did find myself regularly wondering why it was written for women, since men worry just as much (and sometimes find it harder to admit it), but that's a minor niggle.

To Christians struggling with serious anxiety, this book might be helpful, but I'm quite glad I downloaded a free version since I would not want to pay full price.

Links to the paperback editions at the UK and US Amazon sites. The Kindle editions are no longer free, but may cost rather less than the print versions.

Review copyright Sue's Book Reviews, 19th July 2011

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