The Weight of Glory (by CS Lewis)

I've enjoyed books by CS Lewis since I first discovered the Narnia series as a child. As a teenager and adult, I have read many of his Christian non-fiction books, which I find challenging and very interesting. I have most of his better-known books on my shelves, read regularly, but have recently discovered that some of his other work has been published. So I've put one or two on my wishlist, and was delighted to receive one for Christmas.

'The Weight of Glory' is a collection of sermons originally given as talks to students, during World War II. In the diverse chapters Lewis covers topics such as transposition, pacifism (why he was not one), theology as poetry - or not - and forgiveness, which (as he says) is sometimes confused with excusing.

I thought I might read one chapter each day for a week or two, but found some of the thinking quite heavy - in a good sense - requiring me to pause to think about it. In the event, it took me four weeks to complete, but is certainly a book I shall return to in future.

Written in his usual clear, logical style, Lewis makes many points with his unique blend of diplomacy and forcefulness. I don't necessarily agree with all his conclusions, but that's probably because I don't agree with all his premises.

Yet, on the whole, I found myself nodding and sometimes understanding theology a little better due to his fine use of analogy. Unsurprisingly, some of what he says seems dated, yet the majority feels fresh and is entirely relevant to the 21st century Christian.

Definitely recommended, if you enjoy CS Lewis's style of writing, and would like something a little more thought-provoking than much modern Christian writing.

Review copyright Sue's Book Reviews, 29th January 2011

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