Love Takes Wing (by Janette Oke)

There's something oddly appealing about Janette Oke's books. They're not great literature; they aren't very long; they're fairly easy-read style, intended for teenagers as well as adults. Yet the people seem believable; I almost feel as if I might have known them. Their world is a simpler place than today's, although some problems - such as medical ones, or the need for travel - are much more complex in these pioneer days in the USA.

'Love Takes Wing', is the seventh in the 'Love comes softly' series. It's a direct sequel to 'Love's Unfolding Dream', in which Belinda - Marty and Clark's youngest - starts her introduction to nursing, and gets to know her niece Melissa, who is about her age.

In this book, set a couple of years later, Belinda is established as practise nurse at her brother Luke's surgery. As the book opens, Melissa returns briefly to the family after training as a teacher, before returning to the West. Belinda is a bit lonely, but throws herself into her nursing.

Tragedy strikes when one of the family is injured, with long-term consequences as a rift appears in what has always been a united and happy family. In addition, two young men start to show an interest in Belinda, and she has to make some difficult decisions about her future.

I'm enjoying reading the continuation of this series which I first came across many years ago. I'm going to continue straight on to the last in the series after this, eager to know what happens to Belinda.

I'm pleased to see that this series is still in print on both side of the Atlantic, twenty years after first publication. Sometimes found less expensively as part of a collection.

Review copyright Sue's Book Reviews, 4th November 2009

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