The Memory Garden (by Rachel Hore)

I first came across Rachel Hore when I was recommended some of her books by Amazon. I liked what I read about them in the reviews, and put a couple on my wishlist. I very much enjoyed the first one I read - 'The Dream House' - and looked forward to getting into another.

'The Memory Garden' was well-written, relaxing and enjoyable, although it took me well over a week to get through it. The main story features a young and rather stressed woman called Mel. She goes to Cornwall, in the hope of a retreat from the current overwhelming nature of her life, taking a sabbatical from work to write a book about local artists. She finds herself intrigued by some pictures she finds there, and also by Patrick, the owner of the place she is temporarily renting.

Past and present intertwine, as we learn about the young woman who did the paintings, and gradually Mel puts the story together. There's also, naturally, a low-key romance which takes many twists and turns.

I didn't find the book particularly memorable; nor did I find it totally irresistable, and sometimes found I had to back-track to see what I'd read the previous evening. Still, overall I found it gentle and heartwarming, with a satisfying conclusion. Recommended.

Review copyright Sue's Book Reviews, 1st September 2009

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