Christmas in Plains (by Jimmy Carter)

Jimmy Carter is, of course, one of the former Presidents of the USA. I was vaguely aware that he had written some books in recent years, but had never read one until I was given this by a friend who had enjoyed it.

'Christmas in Plains' is a small book, which describes the former President's memories of family Christmases. These mostly took place at his parents' home in the oddly-named town (I assume it's a town) of 'Plains'.

The book covers many decades of Jimmy Carter's life, starting from hisearliest memories of Christmas at home in Plains, at the farm where he grew up. Each chapter of the book moves forward through the years, including those when he was President. Then the last chapters look at some of his more recent Christmases. He mentions the 'Carter Centre' which was set up for humanitarian purposes in his retirement.

I found it interesting reading, though not compelling. I suppose what struck me most was the racism that was still rampant in the USA seventy odd years ago; the Carter family were clearly very tolerant and accepting, but even so, many of the comments show how different black and white people were considered to be.

I don't suppose I'll read it again, but it was good to have a few different insights into the Jimmy Carter's family background. He always seemed as if he would be a likeable man, and this book did nothing to disabuse me of this idea.

Recommended to anyone wanting to know a little more about this former US President.

Review copyright Sue's Book Reviews, 3rd July 2009

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