Summer Visitors (by Susan Sallis)

I think this is the first novel I have read by Susan Sallis. The cover looked intriguing, the blurb on the back sounded like my kind of book - nostalgic, character-driven, and relatively light.

'Summer Visitors' begins with Madge in Cornwall, at the funeral of an old friend. Then there's a long flashback, showing us the time when Madge was a little girl, and saw Cornwall for the first time.

The flashback takes up a considerable amount of the book, showing how Maggie grows up and learns about life and love. Her young brother survives a horrifying accident, but is handicapped severely.

There are many realistic characters, and I found the book highly readable, although rather confusing in places as the people span generations, and the plot moves pretty rapidly.

Satisfying ending.

This book seems to be out of print in both the UK and USA, but can often be found second-hand, online or from charity shops.

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