Good Wives (by Louisa M Alcott)

I do like children's fiction - or some of it, anyway. Louisa M Alcott is, of course, known best for her classic 'Little Women'; this book is the immediate sequel, and is in fact (confusingly) included in the movie version of 'Little Women', whereas the book stops at the stage where Meg and John get engaged, much to Meg's sister Jo's disgust...

'Good Wives' takes up the story when Meg is still newly married, and also follows the other sisters as they grow up and fall in love. There's not a huge amount of plot - the book is character-driven, and follows the problems and joys of day-to-day life. There's light humour here and there, as well as some extremely moving moments in the midst of sadness.

Recommended, but best to read after 'Little Women'.

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