Clearing Away the Rubbish (by Adrian Plass)

Adrian Plass is one of the best-known current British Christian writers, made popular by his brilliantly funny 'Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass' and sequels. He's written several other books in various genres, some amusing, some moving, most of them thought-provoking one way or another.

'Clearing Away the Rubbish' is a collection of his writings, mostly poems or short sketches, gathered together with personal comments about how they came to be written, how they are best presented to the public, and - overall - how to get rid of some of the rubbish in our lives.

I didn't enjoy it as much as some of the author's other works, but then I'm not really into either poetry or drama. There was some clever stuff, and I can quite see that much of it would be valuable given the right delivery.

However I enjoyed the Adrian Plass's comments about each piece considerably more than the pieces themselves, and would recommend the book based on those introductions alone.

Not always in print in the USA, but widely available second-hand.

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