Walking with Bilbo (by Sarah Arthur)

This is a devotional book with a difference - it's based around sections of 'The Hobbit' by JRR Tolkien, a book which I re-read recently. Sarah Arthur writes primarily for teenagers, and 'Walking with Bilbo' would be ideal for people of youth group age who enjoy light fantasy, but as an adult I found it quite thought-provoking and very readable.

The author looks at aspects of Bilbo's journey, from his safe, comfortable hobbit-hole to the dangers of Smaug the dragon, and the lure of gold. She relates those to the Christian life, and the need, sometimes, to leave our pleasant lifestyle and go where God is leading, no matter what problems or dangers lie ahead.

There are quotes from 'The Hobbit', references to the sequel trilogy 'Lord of the Rings', and several Scripture references too. At the end of each short chapter are some pointed questions about our lives, and what we're going to do about certain aspects, followed by several more Bible references to read.


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