Bacon Sandwiches and Salvation (by Adrian Plass)

Adrian Plass is without question my favourite modern British Christian writer. He seems to write in several genres: from the funniest - yet thought-provoking - fiction I've ever read, through to more serious light fiction, some of it very moving, and devotional or instructional non-fiction.

Plass is not a straightforward person; he sees through the masks of many Christians and tries to uncover what's going on inside. Since he does this, generally, by poking fun at himself - or admitting to personal failures - his writing is powerful; his humour makes it all the more palatable and memorable. He has a great gift, in my view.

'Bacon Sandwiches and Salvation' is a different style again: this book is a dictionary of Christian terms. Supposedly, anyway. But of course it's written by Adrian Plass, so it's a mixture of comments that strike right to the heart, anecdotes that make one think, and laugh-aloud humour.

It's not a book to read straight through, more something to dip into, preferably with like-minded relatives and friends around who will appreciate it. Plass pokes fun at several denominations, particularly the Anglican church (which he is part of) as well as general Christian language. And a few extra words that have crept in too.

Definitely recommended. Oddly enough, this is not available in the USA.

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