Listening to Others (by Joyce Huggett)

Joyce Huggett grew up in a close-knit working-class community, and found her roots of caring in the generous - if sometimes brusque - hearts of those around her when she was a child.

Mostly autobiographical, 'Listening to Others' charts the author's gradual introduction to healing and wholeness ministries, and the importance of listening.

Throughout the book she gives useful guidelines and practical advice, in an interesting and well-written format. There are many anecdotes as she charts her journey into the listening ministry, and explains clearly how she learned what she did - and also the mistakes that were sometimes made along the way. Personal tragedies are described, and the way that even one's pain can be used to help others.

It's a Christian book, intended for those who follow Jesus, but without any overt evangelistic message. Most of the caring people Joyce grew up with knew little about God, and many of the ideas she suggests would be of relevance to anybody.

Definitely recommended. Still in print in the UK, and available second-hand in the USA.

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