One Heart Full of Love (by Mother Teresa)

This book contains the transcripts of several talks and interviews by Mother Teresa, mostly in the 1970s.

I have a huge admiration for this wonderful lady who did an amazing work around the world with the poor, and established so many excellent ministries. So it was interesting to read in her own words what she believed, and why she did what she did. She evidently had a clear sense of vocation, a longing to do God's work, and a commitment to the principles in the well-known parable of the sheep and the goats where Jesus says, 'I was hungry and you fed me... ' and that anything we do for the least of people we do for him.

But Mother Teresa is not pushy. She doesn't expect everyone to join her in her work; she insists that there are poor people everywhere, including many who have plenty to eat and good homes but do not feel loved. She wants everyone to fulful their own vocation, which may simply be loving and providing for one's family. She doesn't ask for money - she insists that God provides all the time - and she was clearly a humble, caring and dedicated person.

So. I did get a good impression of Mother Teresa, despite my Protestant background and beliefs meaning that I hesitated a little when she talked of specifically Roman Catholic doctrines. But I skimmed most of those, which were far fewer than the more broadly Christian principles she clearly espoused.

Unfortunately, the book itself gets a bit dull by around half-way through. No doubt each of the talks was inspiring to those who heard, but nobody would have listened to every one of them. She says similar things, even shares the same anecdotes sometimes. I found the first part of the book quite thought-provoking, but the second half far less interesting as it was so repetitive.

Still, it was worth reading and certainly gives a good insight into Mother Teresa's beliefs and principles.

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