Balancing Hormones Naturally (by Patrick Holford and Kate Neil)

'Balancing Hormones Naturally' is a book I picked up inexpensively a few years ago, but had never read until recently. It's by Patrick Holford and Kate Neil, two fairly well-known British nutritionists.

I'm no chemist or biologist, but I found the explanations of how hormones work to be interesting (even if I skimmed a few of the more technical places) and there was a useful self-help questionnaire to indicate possible 'female' problems such as allergies, candida, or hormone imbalance.

Plenty of common sense advice, explanations of how nutrition can help in balancing hormones at each stage of life, and recommendations for lifestyle changes that might help to improve health. Not too heavy; I finished it in a couple of days, just reading in odd moments, and found it interesting and generally helpful.

All in all, recommended.

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