Uphill All the Way (by Sue Moorcroft)

'Uphill all the way' is a moving modern novel by Sue Moorcroft.

Fifty-one-year-old Judith is getting a bit anxious because Giorgio is late home. His mobile phone is not being answered. She tries to convince herself that he's just called into the pub with some mates, but it's quickly evident that something terrible has happened to him.

So she packs her bags and returns to her native England, staying initially with her loving but somewhat rritating sister Molly. Judith's own house has been rented out and she knows she has to give two months' notice to Adam, the guy living there. But she's not sure how long she can stand living with Molly. What's more, she needs to find a job.

Judith's family are all well-drawn and believable, each with their own problems which impact on her. Adam, by contrast, is the ideal friend in need. He's there when Judith wants him, making no demands or criticisms, allowing her to complain as much as she wants, and then cry on his shoulder.

I found the book thought-provoking, too. The themes of love, recovery from grief and forgiveness are strong. Judith has to let go of the past in many ways, and has to find out whether she can let go of her love of Malta, too. All in all, I thought this an excellent book and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Highly recommended.

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