Scuba Dancing (by Nicola Slade)

'Scuba Dancing' is a novel by Nicola Slade from the publisher Transita, who tend to produce books about older women.

The opening sentence was intriguing - a rather unappealing woman is visited by an angel in a grocer's - but I found the book, in general, disappointing. It was written in the style of 'chick-lit' with lots of action, far more characters than I could remember, and a bizarre plot that centred around a group of lonely people fund-raising for a dubious cause.

Chick-lit generally appeals to younger women (in their late teens or twenties) but I don't think this book would, as the youngest characters were in their forties. But older women - I would have thought - would be less inclined to enjoy a book that made light of serious issues such as divorce, unfaithfulness, and senility. It seems to be popular in other circles but it was really not my kind of book at all.

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