Speak to me of Love (by Robin Lee Hatcher)

'Speak to me of Love' is the fourth Christian novel I've read by Robin Lee Hatcher, but I didn't really enjoy it as much a the others.

It's a fairly standard 'Heartquest' plot. An actress with two young children has to leave her travelling troupe to tend to her sick daughter. She's in a fairly dead-end town, and the only job she can find is that of housekeeper to a bad-tempered man with a patch over his eye, a scar on his face, and an unhappy past.

There are some nice touches - a macho cow-girl who falls in love and needs help looking like a woman, and the children are nicely portrayed too. But the plot is rather like that of 'Jane Eyre' and the Christian input seems a bit forced at times.

It's well-written and probably gives an accurate picture of the life in small-town America in the late 19th century, but I didn't find either of the main characters particularly memorable.

Still, it made a pleasant light read for about three hours, and was more believable than many of this genre.

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