A Home in the Valley (by Dianna Crawford)

'A Home in the Valley' is a historical Christian novel by Dianna Crawford, another author I had not come across before until I found one of her books inexpensively on the MV Doulos.

The main character is Sabina, a young woman whose stepfather gambles her away to one of his drinking cronies after a big revival meeting. So, urged by her mother, Sabina runs away. She's taken in by a family with four children who are returning from the meeting, although their widowed father is at first rather reluctant. But she proves herself an excellent housekeeper and befriends some of the local women.

That's just the beginning... I found myself drawn into the story quite quickly, and particularly appreciated the great characterisation of the younger three children. I suppose there's a bit of a 'Sound of Music' theme, but that's not necessarily a problem. Exciting (though not unexpected) climax and satisfying ending. Apparently there are more in the series, but it was complete in itself.


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