Catching Katie (by Robin Lee Hatcher)

'Catching Katie' is a historical Christian novel set in the early 1900s in USA, by Robin Lee Hatcher. It's about Katie, an idealistic and strong-minded young woman who is a passionate advocate of women's suffrage, in days when homes tended to be traditional and only men were allowed to vote in many States.

Katie returns to her hown town for a few months, after studying and working elsewhere, and meets Ben, her best friend from childhood. As they get to know each other again, her heart struggles to determine the best path for her future.

There were some very good characterisations - not just Katie and Ben, but the angry schoolteacher, Katie's parents, Ben's sister, and many other more minor characters. Their interactions were real, and Katie's decisions resounded well with the way I would have thought, at times, sometimes doing something a little rash because of condescending advice against it! The Christian message is low-key, nott pushed in a preachy or cringeworthy way, and difficult questions (such as a woman's place in a marriage) are examined in a fair and balanced way without any authorial comment about either extreme.

All in all, a good read which I'd recommend to anyone interested in historical novels.

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Robin Lee Hatcher said...

Thanks for the review of my novel, Catching Katie. I'm delighted to know you enjoyed it. Although I don't have a real favorite among my own novels and novellas, I must admit that Katie is one of my favorite heroines.

Robin Lee Hatcher