Revolution of Love and Balance (by Geroge Verwer)

'Revolution of Love and Balance' is a short book (less than 100 pages) which was written nearly 40 years ago by George Verwer as a transcript of some of his teaching sessions to young people interested in Christian mission work. Nonetheless, the messages are relevant today, to Christians of all ages.

The book covers the vital need for love, more important than any doctrine or theology. It also looks at the need for balance, with examples of people who are unbalanced in various ways. And there's a hard-hitting chapter about what the author calls 'pseudo disciples' - those who are motivated by the wrong reasons, such as status or fear.

Despite starting as talks, this book reads well and the message is clear. Verwer does not want half-hearted or lukewarm Christians on his teams. However despite this, he does not come across as judgemental - simply aware that if people start out with wrong motivations, then no matter how enthusiastic they are, they will come to grief. Moreover he gives examples in his own life of times when has not displayed love or balance.

Recommended to anyone wanting to take discipleship seriously.

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